Wednesday, March 29, 2023

TADHACK 2023 - FitBot

Another year, another TADHACK. I love this Hackathon every year as it allows me to test out a new Communications API and make it do something fun. 

This year I created an App I called FitBot that:
  • Allowed users to call in and use Radisys api's to generate a workout schedule
  • Pre-generated daily workout plans via OpenAI's API's and stored them in Amazon DynamoDB based upon user preferences.
  • Created an AWS Lambda function to monitor that user's activity via the Fitbit API and triggered an event.
  • When a low activity event occurs during a scheduled workout time another AWS Lambda functions triggers the Radisys API's to dial an outbound call and playback a motivational message to complete the workout.

It was a very fun project to play with and I think I might expand it to motivate myself to workout without being bored. The power of Generative AI made it easy to generate workout plans that will keep me from getting bored of the same routine.