Sunday, August 30, 2020

Knock off Nintendo Switch Controllers

So I bought my kids another set of Nintendo Switch knock off controllers, because the one that came with their switch has been problematic since we got it.  My kids just live with the constant drift of the right controller.  I decided to try another set of joycon controllers to see if it was a problem with the switch or if it was the controller itself.  

I ended up with the SP-5088B controllers from Kinvoca.  They are simple and work fine, but not nearly as good of quality as the original, but for the price tag they are a good backup pair of controllers for the kids to play multiplayer with.

The come with a manual that says you may need to update the firmware via USB, but doesn't include the software to upgrade it or any link to how to do it.  After researching I found the manual and directions for updating them at the following address:

Make sure you choose the right process for your controllers.  There are multiple versions of this model.  I had the version with the "engraved" ABXY buttons, but the processes are slightly different and even use different applications to install and different firmware styles.

After you download the files, read the then directs you to another set of firmware files from a dropbox account depending on your model.

I am guessing that this may change, so sorry if this link doesn't work.  I read online that this link keeps moving, so download and save it somewhere.

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