Saturday, June 23, 2018

New BioHack NR

As we age it has been scientifically proven that NAD levels in the body decrease dramatically with age.  Recently a startup company has created a new form of Vitamin B3 called Nicotinimide Ribosome or NR.  This molecule is currently patented and sold under the brand name Niagin.  Biohackers are using it as a tool to increase your healthspan.  After 30 days of taking Niagin they claim that it increases your NAD levels in the body by up to 40%. 

I have had my doubts as to the validity of these studies, but I have began testing this myself to see if it has any positive effects on me.  So far after 30 days, I have noticed slight weight loss of about 5 lbs with no exercise.  I also notice that I have more energy and my skin seems softer.  I haven't ruled out other factors, but just my observations as of now. 

I also found this article interesting from the bulletproof blog from one of the inventors of Niagen:

Don't confuse Vitamin B3 (Niacin) with Vitamin B3 (NR) because I have taken Niacin in the past and it causes my skin to flush red and my heart to race with supplementation.

I am interested in learning more about bio-hacking and anti-aging products.  I have read several books on the topic and I have found this hack very promising with little risk.  Some other topics that are of interest to me are intermittent fasting, keto diets, and the gut microbiome. 

After going through cancer treatments, I have learned the importance of food on your overall health and food is by far the best medicine. 

I will continue to experiment with biohacking and tracking my results through uBiome, my weight, and other lifestyle qualitative attributes.

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