Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Google AIY Voice with 3d printed box

This is a great 3d model from pinshape.com that I used to create myself custom Google home:
I used the Google AIY Voice kit to create the voice assistant and I am playing with various experiments with the recognizer and the AIY libraries.  So far I have made a Google magic 8 ball and I am experimenting with building a conference call bot to dial I to Webex meetings for me.
I am using the Google AIY Voice kit with a Raspberry Pi 3.  Here is the link to the project from Google:
I can't wait to get the vision kit to give my robot sight as well.


As an adult that suffers with ADHD and has two children with the disorder, I have been researching the topic of nootropics.  I medicate my kids currently and it works for them, but the side effects worry me.

This article seems like a good start for me, but I continue to look for better resources. 

This is a placeholder for me to post my links related to nootropics.