Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Android Automation Tricks

While looking for some ways to automate my phone, I found this site. 

I am placing it here for my own reference.  I am interested in trying qpython with Tasker as well as Tasker App Factory.

I am currently evaluating IFTT, Tasker, Automate, Microsoft Flow, and Automagic to see which I like the best for different purposes.

Things I want to automate:
  • I also have been playing with using Microsoft Flow for reading outlook emails and constructing dynamic bot-like replies, but that one is an expensive option as you can only have 750 triggers/month without paying per usage fees.  I look to experiment with other platforms that allow me to have unlimited triggers (Maybe a bot is best for this functionality).
  • I also want to figure out how to tap into the Amazon Alexa notifications to enable AI to AI integrations between Cortana and Amazon Alexa.
  • How do I get an alert when a Box file is updated?  I tried IFTT with this but I had little luck getting it to do everything I want.  What features do each platform expose?
  • Many others...

What is the best portable automation/orchestration tool for work/personal integration?
  • Box integration
  • Office 365 Integration
  • VPN Integration
  • Read Email and attachments
  • REST calls for web services
  • XML processing
  • Keyboard integration
How can I use these tools to improve my response time to customers and coworkers using natural language, deep learning, and other tools?

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