Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Interesting Stuff by Chris Sandoval (5/31/2017)

Chris Sandoval is one of the most informed innovators that I know.  I subscribe to his newsletter, but I find that it gets lost in my email.  I figured that I would share this on my blog so that I don't forget to read it, and so that others can enjoy his great work.  If you would like to be added to his newsletter, let me know.

 I hope you find value from this newsletter. If it was forwarded to you and you want on the list, let me know.
Don’t want it? I’ll take you off the list, no hard feelings. I’m always open to feedback. Enjoy! – chris sandoval

Disruption & Transformation Stuff
“you need a product manager who thinks and acts like a CEO” MUST READ

More Disruption & Transformation Stuff:
·         A decade of digital (PDF)
·         The Story of Netflix Streaming

Future of Cars Stuff
“we’re on the edge of an incredibly rapid transition to an entirely new transportation system” MUST READ

More Future of Cars Stuff:

Think & Work Differently
“Our capacity for dishonesty is as fundamental to us as our need to trust others, which ironically makes us terrible at detecting lies” MUST READ

“What one foundation is doing to encourage long-term thinking.”

“thousands more are likely to be involved and still await discovery”

More Think & Work Differently:
·         You should’ve asked

“Tech was once always in your way. Soon, it will be almost invisible.”

More Trends:

Customer Experience Stuff
“The company’s content moderation guide suggests it hasn’t come to grips with its unique role in the world.”

“The great irony is that most CEOs would love to compete on product and experience, it’s much more fun. The problem is that customers aren’t paying attention to that.”

More Customer Experience Stuff:

Military Stuff
“We just can’t keep killing our way out of this problem.”

“Honoring the cause while confronting and remembering sacrifice can be a complicated endeavor.”

More Military Stuff:
·         Where Does 'Taps' Come From?

Security, Privacy & Fraud Stuff
“Anybody who says they’re un-hackable just doesn’t know what they’re talking about”

“Google says it has access to roughly 70% of U.S. credit and debit card transactions through partnerships with companies that track that data”

More Security, Privacy & Fraud Stuff:

Uber Spotlight
“firing Mr. Levandowski could mean that he becomes a witness against Uber”

“Uber was taking its cut of fares based on the pretax sum, instead of after taxes and fees as stated in its terms of service”

More Uber Spotlight:

Employee Voices
You should write a blog post for this section – it’s easy & fun!
·      Lightbulb moment

TED2017 Stuff

Weather Stuff

Energy Stuff

Magic Box
·      The Addicts Next Door

Space Stuff
·      Space Garbage Trucks

Star Wars Stuff

Animal Stuff

Nightmare Fuel


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