Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Interesting Stuff by Chris Sandoval

This is a weekly newsletter that I subscribe to by Chris Sandoval that I absolutely love.  I thought I would post it to my blog this week for all to share.

-Mike Cairns


The newsletter was on vacation last week and came back with some extra vacation weight. Enjoy this 16% larger issue!

Think & Work Differently
You should send this to your kids. MUST READ

“Alex Honnold doesn’t experience fear like the rest of us.”

“Rather than providing workers with more space, companies were better off pairing workers according to complementary skills”

More Think & Work Differently:

Security, Privacy & Fraud Stuff
“This isn’t a crazy hypothetical, these machines barely work in friendly environments.”

Beware of phishing attempts if you ever lose your phone.

More Security, Privacy & Fraud Stuff:

Disruption & Transformation Stuff
“on the wrong side of major trends in the digital advertising industry”

“The Company Formerly Known as Google is still figuring out how to be a conglomerate. But at heart, it’s the same world-changing cash machine.”

More Disruption & Transformation Stuff:

Customer Experience Stuff
Whoa. Powerful. Have a tissue handy for the videos, especially the third one.

“realm of UX is riddled with preventable tragedies.”

More Customer Experience Stuff:

Innovation Stuff
“brain-machine interfaces, when used in conjunction with exoskeletons and virtual reality, can trigger partial recovery in patients recovering from spinal cord injuries”

You should print this out and hang it at your desk.

More Innovation Stuff:

Robots & AI Stuff
“We build machines with narrowly human properties, skills, behaviors – a terribly restrictive idea of intelligence”

“What will new technology let us do that was previously impossible?”

“ubiquitous AI utility will allow humans to also evolve as it deepens memory, generates immediate recall, speeds recognition, decision making”

“‘automation bomb’ could destroy 45% of work performed in the US”

More Robots & AI Stuff:

“US is an outlier”

“one in five Americans remains in the digital dark”

More Trends:

Military Stuff
“The world was far more dangerous when you were born.”

More Military Stuff:

Millennials & Gen Z Stuff
“they’re gravitating toward payment methods skirting both cash and credit”

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