Thursday, June 30, 2016

Akkermansia gut bacteria may promote weight loss

So today while I was reviewing the changes to the new uBiome website, I noticed that they added a section for a rare type of Bacterium that has shown to promote weight loss.  I didn't have any of this particular bacteria in my sample, but it made me wonder what probiotic supplements and prebiotics could be used to promote healthy growth of it in your gut and help overweight individuals lose weight in a more healthy way.

I found this article that explains some ways that you might do that.  This isn't scientifically verified and could be biased to sell a product, but it did get me thinking about ways that I could improve my health using food as medicine.

Akkermansia wiki articles

I post this so that I can follow up and do some further investigation myself and see if trying some of these probiotics actually impact my gut flora of this type of probiotic.

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